A third of graduates without work but improvements are on the way

Recruitment website Totaljobs.com has found that a third of UK graduates have been searching for work for over six months, forcing the same percentage to claim Jobseekers Allowance. 

Almost 16% of graduates have applied for more than 100 jobs, without success, with one quarter not managing to even secure an interview.

But there has been some good news. There has been a 5% drop in graduates that have been looking for work for over a year and confidence has also improved as a result. In November 2011, 19% of graduate jobseekers said that they were not at all confident of finding work in the next year. Six months later, the figure is 10%. 

Mike Fetters, graduate director at Totaljobs, said that things seem to be improving, however this is “little comfort for those…who are being forced to claim the dole and fail to be invited to a single interview.”  

 The research also showed that:

  • Graduates felt that university had been worthwhile, they said it was not as important for employers as experience. 
  • 41% of the graduates polled said that they regarded six months work experience as being the most important.
  • 9% of the graduates polled said the most important thing was having a 2:1 degree or higher.
  • 5% said the most important thing was the reputation of the university a candidate attended.

 Mike Fetters gave this advice for jobseekers: 

  1. “Maximise the power of your network and keep in touch with classmates, they might hear of an opportunity that you can take advantage of.” 
  2. “Get some work experience or charity work so that you can fill gaps in your CV and finally don’t be tempted to apply for all and every job.” 
  3. “Think about what you want to do and tailor your CV and covering letter accordingly. Make every application count and understand how to stand out from your competition.”

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