Internship fashion faux pas

It is important to dress appropriately for your internship, so here are a few fashion errors to stay clear of…


1) The cardinal sin for a female intern is colourful, garish makeup. Drag-queen chic does not translate in the office environment. Similarly, bright hair and excessive facial piercings should be avoided. Clear, temporary studs are available if you don’t want the hole to close up.

Body piercing retainers are available at:

2) Although a short skirt may get you an abundance of male attention, it will also get you a bad reputation.

3) No one is expecting you to dress like Anna Wintour, but threadbare, ill fitting or creased clothes will make you look like you don’t care about the internship.

4) You would never go to work in stilts, so why would you turn up in 6inch heels? Remember you will be expected to do numerous errands and photo copying so practical footwear is key.


1) A professional haircut will stand you in good stead. Don’t get your mum to snip it, or worse still don’t do it yourself, ever.

2) Stay clear of novelty ties, and if you are thinking about trouser braces, don’t.

3) Smart casual, is the emphasis on smart. You probably can get away without wearing a suit, but stay clear of wearing your favourite Levis.


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