Investigation shows up mayoral candidates

An investigation by Graduate Fog, found that some of the London mayoral candidates have been advertising for unpaid interns.

They found that Boris Johnson had the most adverts for interns at a grand total of 6. Jobs included “campaign assistant” and “campaign intern”, the others were for “volunteers” and “campaign volunteers”. As these positions were advertised to gain experience, Graduate Fog assumed this was aimed at young jobseekers and although not paid, did give travel and lunch expenses.  However, the official response from Bojo’s people: “We don’t have any interns on the campaign.”

Brian Paddick had two adverts – one for “volunteer intern” and the other “phone canvassing volunteers.”  This time the salary was stated as ‘none’, but refused to answer how many were people under 25 hoping for a career in politics. However, the official response: “The Brian Paddick Campaign does not have any interns.”

And finally, Cry Baby Ken, surprisingly had no adverts for interns – but, this doesn’t mean he isn’t using them, it could just mean he has been much more careful in recruiting them. However, there was an advert in November 2011 for “campaign volunteers”, it did not  appear to be targeting young jobseekers any more than any other age group and it was stated that the advert had been approved by Graduate Fog’s friends at the campaign group Intern Aware. Travel and lunch expenses were offered.


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