‘I’ve done 7 internships…it’s soul-destroying’

Does Stephanie’s experience sound familiar? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

2 Responses to “‘I’ve done 7 internships…it’s soul-destroying’”
  1. A good simple bit of video, and a compelling headline – although we need to know more about these 7 internships: why has she had so many? And why did they not lead to a job at the end? How much has it cost her? What sort of work did she do – was it work that an employee would normally do? Anticipate these questions in your preparation.

    The blog more widely needs some attention: you haven’t tweeted for 2 months; the categories across the top (Workfare, Testimonials, What not to wear, etiquette – even In The News) are empty (you seem to have different categories at the bottom). The whole site has gone over 3 months between posts, too, which is unprofessional. Watch for these small details.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for your feedback. We’ve only uploaded a short clip of the interview – I think we’ll do a write-up to go with it which should answer those questions. I’ve hidden the empty categories in the top nav – we jumped the gun rather by publishing them before we had the content to fill them! They’ll be back, with content, soon.

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