Investigation shows up mayoral candidates

An investigation by Graduate Fog, found that some of the London mayoral candidates have been advertising for unpaid interns. They found that Boris Johnson had the most adverts for interns at a grand total of 6. Jobs included “campaign assistant” and “campaign intern”, the others were for “volunteers” and “campaign volunteers”. As these positions were … Continue reading

Apple factories under fire over intern exploitation

An investigation by the Fair Labour Association (FLA) has revealed that interns working in Apple factories are being forced to work long hours in order to graduate. The report disclosed that students are being made to work long hours at the electronic manufacturing factories, which are owed by technology giant Foxconn, in order to pass … Continue reading

‘My mentor would text me all night’

Robyn Smith told Exploited Interns about her intern experiences in journalism… When you are working as intern, you expect to be the tea maker, the photocopier, and the awkward malingerer. But I don’t think you should be expected to work late, especially when you aren’t even paid travel expenses. When I worked at a national … Continue reading

Work experience: How was it for you?

City University postgraduate journalism students: click here to take part in our short survey We’re approaching the final term of our journalism course at City University. By now most of us have completed two or more work experience placements as part of our course. Work placements are a vital part of our training, and offer … Continue reading

‘I’ve done 7 internships…it’s soul-destroying’

Does Stephanie’s experience sound familiar? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

Journalists’ union fights for intern rights

Banner reads "National Union of Journalists - Knowledge is power, unity is strength!"

Fiona O’Cleirigh, a member of the National Union of Journalists proposed a project to help the plight of interns. With the support of the union’s then general secretary Jeremy Dear, Ms O’Cleirigh launched the Cashback for Interns campaign. The NUJ campaign invites former or current media interns who have not been paid to come forward … Continue reading

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