Obama administration touts unpaid internships for jobless youth

Barack Obama at a town hall meeting hosted by Facebook last year

A little news from across the pond, where young people have not escaped the curse of unemployment amid the economic crisis. The Obama administration says it has persuaded businesses and charities to offer “nearly 180,000” summer jobs for America’s young people — but it appears some tens of thousands of those positions will be unpaid … Continue reading

A radical proposal #internstrikenow

Students protesting in Central London on 9 November 2011

Could a mass walk-out be the next step towards an end to internsploitation? That’s the suggestion from Deterritorial Support Group (DSG), the self-described ultra-left propaganda machine: 4 Hey! Let’s not go to work today! (#internstrikenow) Unpaid internships are becoming a steadfast part of our new economy, taking newly graduated workers in precarious employment and forcing … Continue reading

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